Friday, April 23, 2010

David, a Man after God's Own Heart

You know, I often am encouraged by David. He often messed up . . . royally. Lust, adultery, murder, deceit, concubines, etc. etc. But I've been reading through I & II Samuel recently, and I'm reminded that David was a pretty amazing guy in spite of his flaws. He refused to lay a hand on the Lord's anointed king even though that king was pursuing David's life. Before David took as much as a step, he would ask the Lord for direction. When the Lord answered him, he would ask him another question to be sure that he knew exactly what the Lord wanted him to do. I have enough trouble trying to remember to ask the Lord at all, but David made it is his priority, as we should.

The passage that most stood out to me other than David asking God for direction multiple times was after Bathsheba had the baby. David knew that his judgement was that the baby was going to die. He was on his face before God for 7 days while the baby was sick. He begged God for mercy on the child. After 7 days, the baby died, and David's servants were afraid to tell him bkz he was so upset about the baby being sick. When David found out, he got up, cleaned himself up, ate, went to the house of the Lord, and worshipped. He knew that this is what God told him would happen. He didn't whine, complain, or scream at God . . . he went & worshipped Him acknowleding God's sovereignty & power. (2 Samuel 12:15-23)

He was in significant pain, and he worshipped the Lord. When I'm in significant pain, the last thing I want to do is worship the Lord, but we should. James encourages this in chapter 1 as well. Pain, struggle, and trials all make us more like God. They teach us perseverence & endurance. When we can worship Him in the midst of difficulty & find our joy in Him, the contenment in His strength comes quickly. The goal of our lives should bring Him glory, and what better way to bring Him glory than by praising Him in the midst of pain. There isn't an unbeliever in the world that would get that . . . nor would alot of "believers."

I hope that I can learn to do this better each day.